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Pilgrim’s Podcast Episode 14

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Mark and I had the great privilege of sitting down in the warm Sydney sun and chatting with Dr. Ashley Null. Ashley is the world’s foremost scholar on Thomas Cranmer and a recognised expert on all things ‘Anglican’.

We had such a great time chatting with Ashley that an hour went by without us noticing, so we’re putting up in two parts.


In part 1, we ask Dr Null about a whole range of things including, his early life, how his interest in Anglicanism developed and what relevance Anglicanism has today. Fascinating stuff. He has some particularly insightful thoughts on what Anglicanism can offer post-denominatinal Christianity.

Get part 1 here.


Vertical or horizontal?

Posted in Church with tags , , on June 5, 2009 by stephengardner

I was involved in a discussion recently concerning the structure of church services and the community’s involvement in the service… One of the values everyone agreed upon was the need for the church community to feel responsibility for one another and to express that as part of their duty to teach and admonish one another.

Initially the conversation revolved around ways in which that responsibility can be expressed in a church service. Including: prayer request moments, sharing/testimony spots, interviews and teaching each other in song – the basic value in each of these was that a variety of lay people should be involved in the service.

Soon after the conversation moved towards getting the balance right between the horizontal and the vertical. What I mean by that is, emphasising the gathering to teach and encourage one another (horizontal) and emphasising the gathering to worship together (vertical).


This provoked a thought; by emphasising the vertical in the church service don’t you manage to hit both anyway? By gathering together for corporate worship (lets not forget that’s what Church is) we, in a sense, enact what it is that gives us fellowship with one another. We come together in awe of Christ at Church, because we come together in Christ as he breaks down the wall that divided us. It is our union with him that has made us one.

I plan to post some more thoughts as to what doing ‘the vertical’ might look like a bit later…But in the meantime, I would be interesting to know how ‘vertical churches’ go at generating strong, healthy communities where people teach and admonish one another.

I’d be fascinated to hear where your church lands on this scale, and how your Church is going at generating a community that has responsibility for one another.

So, tell me…