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complete backlog of the Pilgrim’s Podcast

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I have been pretty slack in putting the podcast up here. Probably best you don’t rely on me to get your Pilgrim’s hit…The best way to get into these is to subscribe on iTunes.

Here’s what’s happened recently on the Pilgrim’s Podcast:

Ep #34 Seumas Macdonald — Seumas is a masters student at Moore Theological College researching Chrysostom’s sermons. He is planning on heading to Mongolia to help with theological education. Good on him!

Ep #33 Adrian Foxcroft — Adrian (Foxy from hereafter) is a really good mate with a great passion for youth ministry. Here he talks a little about this, as well as a new venture…the Nugget! This was a particularly fun episode.

Ep #32 Bill Salier — Bill is vice principle at Moore Theological College. Bill did his PHD in John’s gospel, here he shares some insights his research has given him. As well as that Bill reflects with us on how he became a Christian and what has helped sustain him in Christian ministry. Good stuff!

Ep #31 Angus Courtney — Angus shares with us his plans to begin his own podcast…Dwarfs and Giants. This is a really great idea – 8-10 min podcasts on theology, history and culture.

Ep #30 Col Marshal — I was bummed to have missed this one! But alas, I was traipsing around the Holy Land. Here Mark talks with Col – one of the founders of MTS (Ministry Training Strategy), author and all round legend. This guys influence on Sydney and the world for the Lord Jesus is massive. His name will long be remembered.

Ep #29 Me! — a special recording over Skype from the Holy Land. The line was not that great but it was still great fun.

Ep #28 Dave Miers — Here Mark and I have a great time interviewing a good mate. Dave shares stacks about his passion for youth ministry and Jesus, as well as some great reflections on humble orthodoxy. Good stuff.


The Pilgrim’s Podcast Season 2

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After a long break over summer, Mark and I have returned to the studio to bring along a brand new season of the Pilgrim’s Podcast.

Doing the podcast last year was a real highlight for me, it was a privilege to be able to sit down with a whole range of people and hear their stories, learn from their wisdom and have a good laugh. I can’t wait to do it all again!

We’ve already recorded a few episodes over the last few weeks, so stay tuned.

Also, please do let Mark or I know what you would like to hear about, or who you would like to hear from, we’d love to hear your ideas.

Get episode 1 of season 2 here.

comings and goings

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As I mentioned last post this year is full of comings and goings for Claire and I. Last time I focused on the things that are going, the things I’m really going to miss this year. Today’s going to be a bit more optimistic -here are the things I’m most looking forward to this year:

A new church family

Claire and I started at St Aidan’s Hurstville Grove on Sunday. While we’re both pretty sad to being saying goodbye for now to our family at CCIW, we’re excited about serving in a brand new context. St Aidan’s is a great church with a long history of faithful, Jesus-centred ministry which, as much as first impressions can be trusted, is evident in the current life of the church. Stay tuned for some more reflections on changing churches.

Running a half-marathon

The plan is to officially start training in late April. The program I’m hoping to use promises to get me fit and fast enough to do the half marathon in under 100 mins. I’m really looking forward to the training and to posting my progress (or lack of) updates.

Adventures in the middle east

In April, Claire and I have the great privilege of going to the middle east for three amazing weeks. Some things I’m most looking forward to; exploring the old streets of Damscus, camping out in a Roman theatre in Bosra and walking through the old city of Jerusalem. Cant wait!

Reading some sweet sweet theology

Third year doctrine at MTC focuses on; The person and work of Christ and The Church. So, I’m looking forward to getting into dogmatics,  particularly finishing off  IV.1. and Miroslav Volf’s After Our Likeness: The Church as the image of the Trinity.

I was particularly excited to get stuck into the forthcoming monster Paul and the Faithfulness of God by N. T. Wright as it was rumored to be published this year. But alas, it looks as though its another year away.

Living in funky Newtown

We moved into Newtown last week and we’re loving it. Already eaten our fair share of great food and really looking forward to getting to some of the pubs around here that still have live music. 

The Pilgrim’s Podcast

For me, one of the highlights of last year was doing the podcast with Mark Earngey. We’re all set for another year, looking to begin recording in the next couple of weeks. There will be some new things happening this year, including the launching of a website devoted to all things Pilgrim.

Pilgrim’s Podcast Episode 12

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pplogo2-150x150This week we interviewd Bishop Glenn Davies, grab it here. It was a really helpful and interesting chat. We talked about Glenn’s theological education at Westminster in the Sates, his role as Bishop of the Northern Region of the Sydney Diocese and heard a little about Glenn’s ideas on Baptism and covenental theology. Great stuff! We did not have the time to do justice to the issues we raised so we are hoping to do a part 2 some time down the track.

Have a listen, its not too often a Bishop enters the hallowed MTC media room…next week we’re interviewing the Queen.

Pilgrim’s Podcast: Episode 11

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Episode 11 of the Pilgrim’s Podcast is now available. Its our best one yet. We chat with Andrew Katay, senior minister of Christ Church Inner West, about his life, church experiences and preaching.

pplogo2-150x150A particular highlight was hearing Andrew’s thoughts on the future of CCIW. If you’re interested in church growth or church planting, be sure to check it out. If you’re looking to get involved in a new and exciting church plant, then have a listen for how you can get on board.

In this episode we also launch another (legitimate) competition. We are throwing out a challenge for someone to create the most entertaining limerick about ‘the other college’ (let the reader understand).

Enjoy and stay tuned…

Pilgrim’s Podcast News Flash

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After a two week break the Pilgrims are back into it.


You can now go to the podcast page to download  episode 10, where we chat with Ross Courtney and Josh Lewis about HSC study camps, life, uni, aeronautical engineering and girls…

I have also uploaded the last few episodes onto the page. Check them out, there are some really great people chatting about what God is doing in their lives.

Mark and I have had some really great chats recently about the future of the podcast. You might be glad to hear (you might not) that we’ve got some really special episodes coming up in the next few months. Stay tuned.

Next week we chat with Andrew Katay, check out his blog to get a taste of what we’ll chat about…

Pilgrim’s Podcast Episode 6

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I have been a bit slack with the blogging of late, we’ve had exam nightmares here at MTC, but I’m back…well at least the podcast is!

Today Mark and I interviewed Justin Moffatt and we had a blast. It was great to hear Justin’s thoughts on whole heap of things. If you’ve got an interest in inner city ministry, give it a listen. Or if you just want to hear a bit about whats going on in NYC then give it a listen…


You can find it over on the podcast page.

And remember, we’d love to hear from you. What things would you like to hear about?