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“Katay=New Perspective, New Perspective=Bad”

Posted in Church with tags , on May 28, 2010 by stephengardner

The title of this post comes from a new series over at Gold, Silver and Precious Stones where Katay is undertaking an incredibly bold but incredibly important and positive step – to try and clear the air. And its already creating a bit of a buz; here and here and I’m sure much more to come.

Anyone who has kicked around certain circles for even the briefest of moments is aware of the controversy that Andrew’s name carries. I have lost count of how many times I’ve had to ‘defend myself’ for having served with him at Uni and Church. But Katay’s project, I think, represents a far bigger problem than the ‘New Perspective’. The problem is this; the readiness with which the term ‘heretic’ is bandied about.

Here’s a slightly funny, but nonetheless distressing example of what I mean. Just this week my wife was labelled a heretic for talking about infant baptism. The funny part is that this happened at Moore college by a fellow student (who by the way did not think to tell my wife she was a heretic before telling others)! Last time I checked Moore College was an Anglican training ground.

But again this is only symptomatic of a very real and very serious problem – our readiness to use the term ‘heretic’. My hunch is that more often than not, when the word heretic is thrown around in our churches and christian scenes, its nothing more than gossip. Gossip dressed up as a ‘zeal for the truth’.