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comings and goings

Posted in Life with tags , , , on January 20, 2010 by stephengardner

A new year brings a whole lot of new and exciting things for Claire and I, but along with that comes a whole lot of goodbyes and farewells. So, I thought I’d do two posts on the comings and goings of 2010.

Below are the things I’m going to miss most this year (in no particular order):

Shanghai Night Chinese Restaurant

NB Food will feature heavily in this post… Forget about hygiene, forget about ambiance, go here for for the best dumplings you can find… 275 Liverpool Rd, Ashfield.

1/9 Arthur St Croydon

We had three excellent and blessed years here. The best years of my life.Sure, the house was rundown and we had our share of noisy neighbors, but, it was beautiful and it was our first home. I’m already missing the place and we only moved yesterday.

Our church family at Christ Church Inner West

We shared fellowship with the saints here for three years. In that time we saw; St John’s Ashfield amalgamate with St Alban’s Five Dock and St Oswald’s Haberfield to form CCIW, Claire join the staff team, me serve as a student minister for two years, a heap of people come to know Jesus, and a heap of deep friendships formed.  We were both richly blessed. We learnt a heck of a lot about church, life, each other and God. CCIW is a seriously grace filled community that is seriously zealous for outreach and seriously faithful to the Lord Jesus. I hope to post more on this later… But for now, we are already missing our dear family

Canada Bay

Sometimes after work, Claire and I would walk around different parts of the Bay, sometimes we would get fish and chips and sit and stare. But my favourite thing to do was to pound the pavement doing the ‘Bay Run’. I hope to get back there when I can.

Gelato and Cannoli at Haberfield

I’ll finish off this post where I began…with food! Haberfield is one of my favourite places! Sometimes we would go and get gelato, or cannoli, for dessert and then try and walk it off by checking out all the cool restaurants and suspicious shop-fronts that don’t appear to sell anything much. You know, the ones with old Italian men sipping espresso’s and smoking all night…

There are many more things I’m going to miss this year not the least of all are the people I wont be seeing as often as I did. I’m incredibly thankful for all that the last few years has brought me.

Next up, what I’m most looking forward to in 2010…


Posted in Church, World with tags , , , on May 19, 2009 by stephengardner

A theological student writing a blog, what on earth is new about that? Nothing! I join a long, long queue of theological students doing such a thing. This isnt a blog for particularly ‘New ideas’, nor do I propose to have any! In fact, I’m a total hack! Rather, this blog has come about from a growing concern I have had for a little while now. That is, that in Jesus, God has done an entirely new thing. Something that the created world has not seen before, but something the created world, in groaning, so desperately needs.

In Revelation 21, John sees a vision of something new, something he has never seen before. A new heaven and a new earth, and a new holy city, the new Jerusalem descending upon the earth. Then the voice of the One upon the throne declares; ‘See, I am making all things new.’


I am increasingly struck by the newness of what God has done, is doing and will do in Jesus. I hope to explore what this means for life, Church, work, rest and all sorts of random things in the coming posts and discussions.

Thanks for reading.