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Pilgrim’s Podcast 26: David Ould, Anglicanism, Liberalism,

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Here is the next installment in the podcast journey. It has been a particularly productive time for the old Pilgrim’s, perhaps not quite so productive on the college front, but hey! You cant have everything.

A particular highlight was singing happy birthday to David, I think our voices sound quite nice!

Have a listen to David and let us know what you think.


Pilgrim’s Podcast Episode 14

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Mark and I had the great privilege of sitting down in the warm Sydney sun and chatting with Dr. Ashley Null. Ashley is the world’s foremost scholar on Thomas Cranmer and a recognised expert on all things ‘Anglican’.

We had such a great time chatting with Ashley that an hour went by without us noticing, so we’re putting up in two parts.


In part 1, we ask Dr Null about a whole range of things including, his early life, how his interest in Anglicanism developed and what relevance Anglicanism has today. Fascinating stuff. He has some particularly insightful thoughts on what Anglicanism can offer post-denominatinal Christianity.

Get part 1 here.

Pilgrim’s Podcast Episode 12

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pplogo2-150x150This week we interviewd Bishop Glenn Davies, grab it here. It was a really helpful and interesting chat. We talked about Glenn’s theological education at Westminster in the Sates, his role as Bishop of the Northern Region of the Sydney Diocese and heard a little about Glenn’s ideas on Baptism and covenental theology. Great stuff! We did not have the time to do justice to the issues we raised so we are hoping to do a part 2 some time down the track.

Have a listen, its not too often a Bishop enters the hallowed MTC media room…next week we’re interviewing the Queen.