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“Katay=New Perspective, New Perspective=Bad”

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The title of this post comes from a new series over at Gold, Silver and Precious Stones where Katay is undertaking an incredibly bold but incredibly important and positive step – to try and clear the air. And its already creating a bit of a buz; here and here and I’m sure much more to come.

Anyone who has kicked around certain circles for even the briefest of moments is aware of the controversy that Andrew’s name carries. I have lost count of how many times I’ve had to ‘defend myself’ for having served with him at Uni and Church. But Katay’s project, I think, represents a far bigger problem than the ‘New Perspective’. The problem is this; the readiness with which the term ‘heretic’ is bandied about.

Here’s a slightly funny, but nonetheless distressing example of what I mean. Just this week my wife was labelled a heretic for talking about infant baptism. The funny part is that this happened at Moore college by a fellow student (who by the way did not think to tell my wife she was a heretic before telling others)! Last time I checked Moore College was an Anglican training ground.

But again this is only symptomatic of a very real and very serious problem – our readiness to use the term ‘heretic’. My hunch is that more often than not, when the word heretic is thrown around in our churches and christian scenes, its nothing more than gossip. Gossip dressed up as a ‘zeal for the truth’.


The Pilgrim’s Podcast #27: Steve Chong, Kirkplace, Spiritual gifts, Mentors and Bruce Lee

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Here is the lastest installment in the Pilgrim’s Podcast saga. This is a great episode! Steve Chong is a really great guy who is involved in a stack of really great initiatives.

He is the lead pastor at Kirkplace Presbyterian in Kograh and the director of RICE. Steve has put a lot of thought into how to do church, one of his great passions is freeing up people to use their gifts and passions for God, rather than have a program that people have to fit into. There is stacks to learn from this session about doing church differently!

One of the highlights of the interview was hearing parts of Steve’s story, including those men who have helped shape him the most. He shares with real warmth about his friendships with Matt Chandler and Mark Driscoll and our very own Al Stewart and Andrew Katay.

It was a great privilege for Mark and I to head out to Kirkplace and check out their building, it is one sexy place!

Have a listen

Pilgrim’s Podcast: Episode 11

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Episode 11 of the Pilgrim’s Podcast is now available. Its our best one yet. We chat with Andrew Katay, senior minister of Christ Church Inner West, about his life, church experiences and preaching.

pplogo2-150x150A particular highlight was hearing Andrew’s thoughts on the future of CCIW. If you’re interested in church growth or church planting, be sure to check it out. If you’re looking to get involved in a new and exciting church plant, then have a listen for how you can get on board.

In this episode we also launch another (legitimate) competition. We are throwing out a challenge for someone to create the most entertaining limerick about ‘the other college’ (let the reader understand).

Enjoy and stay tuned…

Every Body Counts…

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If I have learnt one thing from my time at CCIW it is the importance of every single bum on the pews at Sunday services. My minister and friend, Andrew Katay, has an unmatched zeal for counting, re-counting and re-re-counting the numbers of everybody at church. And I think I have now caught on…
On Sunday mornings I serve at St Albans Five Dock (part of the CCIW family), where on a good day we have 25 bums on pews at the 10am service, a great Sunday will see 30!
3510496239_3eb544934a_mWhen church is this small every body seriously counts. The jump from 25-30 doesn’t sound too great but the difference those 5 bodies bring to the service is significant. The music is better, the sermon feels less awkward and new comers look more comfortable.
This got me thinking of a recent Sunday spent in a church, at the other end of the spectrum, where there are around 400 people at their equivalent service.


But I was surprised to hear, when chatting with the Senior Pastor, that there are no checks in place to count the exact number of people at church. And in conversations I had with church members, a number of them spoke of it taking 6 months to hear of friends moving on from church. You might ask ‘well they cant have been too close can they?’ But that’s beside the point, every body at your church is a somebody with their own story. They are worth fighting for regardless of the size of your service. It really hit home to me that, even when your numbers are big, everybody counts.

If you’re at a bigger church I’d love to hear your thoughts on how (if?) you go about counting numbers at services and, how you ensure you know where your people are…
Thanks for reading.