Welcome to the Pilgrim’s Podcast. The ramblings of a couple of theological students as we discuss a whole bunch of things; from life to Church, to Jesus and the World. Each week we’ll be putting the spotlight on someone or something interesting.

So, stay tuned to keep in touch with what’s going on at Moore College, Sydney and the World.


Click here to download episode 1, where we share a little about ourselves, our Churches, what’s instore for the Pilgrim’s Podcast and how to get your hands on your very own PP T-shirt.

Click here to download episode 2, where we have a chat with Sam Russell about life, Church planting, Coffee and work…

Click here to download episode 3, where we talk with Christian Anderson from Newtown Mission drop in centre about caring for the poor, as well some more info on how to claim your prizes…

Click here to download episode 4, where we chat with Ruth Lee about RICE, Equip, Church and life…as well as a brief history of dentistry!

Episode 5, Matthew Moffitt on CMS, Blogging, public transport and some interesting thoughts on cars and hip hop…

Episode 6, Justin Moffatt, New York, Sydney, Taxi driving and how to get involved with whats going on at St Phillip’s York Street…

Episode 7, Kate Hagar: Life, changing churches, being a candidate for ordination in the Anglican Diocese of Sydney and why she is going to work for Steve and not Mark in the future

Episode 8, Geoff Chambers: Ministry in Redfern, growing up in the bush and Nepalese Rectors

Episode 9, Alfred Olwa: Alfred is the Dean of Divinity and Theology at the Ugandan Christian University.   Alfred is also undertaking his PhD. studies at Moore College, Sydney.  Here we chat with Alfred about his moment of conversion, African Christianity, and tips for preachers.

Episode 10, Ross Courtney and Josh Lewis: Life, work, HSC study camps, aeronautical engineering, and girls…

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12 Responses to “Podcast”

  1. […] G’day all. You’ve probably heard through the grapevine that a new and exciting podcast has been launched. I can confirm this is true! Mark Earngey and myself have recorded and launched the first episode of ‘The Pilgrim’s Podcast’ which you can download now from the podcast page. […]

  2. […] Episode 2: Sam Russell, Coffee & Church Planting The Pilgrim’s Podcast episode 2 is now up on the Podcast page. […]

  3. […] Podcast Episode 3 After a slight technical delay you can now go to the podcast page to download Episode 3 of the Pilgrim’s […]

  4. […] Pilgrim’s Podcast Episode 4 This is a little late sorry…But episode 4 is now up on the podcast page. […]

  5. […] next installment in the Pilgrim’s saga is now up on the podcast page. Check it out to hear from a good friend, Matt […]

  6. […] You can find it over on the podcast page. […]

  7. […] been enjoying the rantings of Mark Earngey and Stephen Gardner – two mates from college – in their ‘pilgrim’s podcast’ […]

  8. […] can now go to the podcast page to download  episode 10, where we chat with Ross Courtney and Josh Lewis about HSC study camps, […]

  9. I chatted about St Phil’s York Street?

  10. hip hop! awesome…I know an expert on Christian hip hop (and general hip hop) if you want to interview him sometime (he’s had some stuff published).

  11. […] will be available on Monday next week. You can check it (and previous podcasts) out here and […]

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