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Pilgrim’s Podcast # 35: Andrew Thorburn on SRE, schools ministry and church planting

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Andrew was our first ever guest on the podcast way back in what would have been episode 2…however we forgot to hit the record button and so the entire interview was lost forever….until now!

Andrew is a great guy who after spending years in youth ministry in local churches has changed hats to work for Anglican Youthworks as an SRE advisor.

In this episode we hear from Andrew about the current debate involving SRE and ethics as well as some thoughts on how schools ministry and church planting can complement each other effectively.

If you’re interested in schools ministry in whatever context Andrew would love to hear from you.


complete backlog of the Pilgrim’s Podcast

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I have been pretty slack in putting the podcast up here. Probably best you don’t rely on me to get your Pilgrim’s hit…The best way to get into these is to subscribe on iTunes.

Here’s what’s happened recently on the Pilgrim’s Podcast:

Ep #34 Seumas Macdonald — Seumas is a masters student at Moore Theological College researching Chrysostom’s sermons. He is planning on heading to Mongolia to help with theological education. Good on him!

Ep #33 Adrian Foxcroft — Adrian (Foxy from hereafter) is a really good mate with a great passion for youth ministry. Here he talks a little about this, as well as a new venture…the Nugget! This was a particularly fun episode.

Ep #32 Bill Salier — Bill is vice principle at Moore Theological College. Bill did his PHD in John’s gospel, here he shares some insights his research has given him. As well as that Bill reflects with us on how he became a Christian and what has helped sustain him in Christian ministry. Good stuff!

Ep #31 Angus Courtney — Angus shares with us his plans to begin his own podcast…Dwarfs and Giants. This is a really great idea – 8-10 min podcasts on theology, history and culture.

Ep #30 Col Marshal — I was bummed to have missed this one! But alas, I was traipsing around the Holy Land. Here Mark talks with Col – one of the founders of MTS (Ministry Training Strategy), author and all round legend. This guys influence on Sydney and the world for the Lord Jesus is massive. His name will long be remembered.

Ep #29 Me! — a special recording over Skype from the Holy Land. The line was not that great but it was still great fun.

Ep #28 Dave Miers — Here Mark and I have a great time interviewing a good mate. Dave shares stacks about his passion for youth ministry and Jesus, as well as some great reflections on humble orthodoxy. Good stuff.

The Pilgrim’s Podcast #27: Steve Chong, Kirkplace, Spiritual gifts, Mentors and Bruce Lee

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Here is the lastest installment in the Pilgrim’s Podcast saga. This is a great episode! Steve Chong is a really great guy who is involved in a stack of really great initiatives.

He is the lead pastor at Kirkplace Presbyterian in Kograh and the director of RICE. Steve has put a lot of thought into how to do church, one of his great passions is freeing up people to use their gifts and passions for God, rather than have a program that people have to fit into. There is stacks to learn from this session about doing church differently!

One of the highlights of the interview was hearing parts of Steve’s story, including those men who have helped shape him the most. He shares with real warmth about his friendships with Matt Chandler and Mark Driscoll and our very own Al Stewart and Andrew Katay.

It was a great privilege for Mark and I to head out to Kirkplace and check out their building, it is one sexy place!

Have a listen

Pilgrim’s Podcast 26: David Ould, Anglicanism, Liberalism,

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Here is the next installment in the podcast journey. It has been a particularly productive time for the old Pilgrim’s, perhaps not quite so productive on the college front, but hey! You cant have everything.

A particular highlight was singing happy birthday to David, I think our voices sound quite nice!

Have a listen to David and let us know what you think.


Pilgrim’s Podcast Episode 24: Jeremy Halcrow, new media and

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G’day all,

Here is the latest episode of The Pilgrim’s Podcast. In it, we chat with Jeremy Halcrow from Anglican Media Sydney about his life, his thoughts on Christian engagement with new media and a whole range of great stuff!

Jeremy is an incredibly insightful guy and well worth listening to.

Remember to keep getting in touch with either Mark, or myself, about ideas of who we could chat to.

The Pilgrim’s Podcast Season 2

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After a long break over summer, Mark and I have returned to the studio to bring along a brand new season of the Pilgrim’s Podcast.

Doing the podcast last year was a real highlight for me, it was a privilege to be able to sit down with a whole range of people and hear their stories, learn from their wisdom and have a good laugh. I can’t wait to do it all again!

We’ve already recorded a few episodes over the last few weeks, so stay tuned.

Also, please do let Mark or I know what you would like to hear about, or who you would like to hear from, we’d love to hear your ideas.

Get episode 1 of season 2 here.

Pilgrim’s Podcast Episode 14

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Mark and I had the great privilege of sitting down in the warm Sydney sun and chatting with Dr. Ashley Null. Ashley is the world’s foremost scholar on Thomas Cranmer and a recognised expert on all things ‘Anglican’.

We had such a great time chatting with Ashley that an hour went by without us noticing, so we’re putting up in two parts.


In part 1, we ask Dr Null about a whole range of things including, his early life, how his interest in Anglicanism developed and what relevance Anglicanism has today. Fascinating stuff. He has some particularly insightful thoughts on what Anglicanism can offer post-denominatinal Christianity.

Get part 1 here.