Peter Adam: why sorry isn’t good enough

You might remember that in August 2009 Dr. Peter Adam of Ridley College Melbourne caused quite a stir when he claimed that the federal government’s apology to Indigenous Australians did not go far enough. In this video he urges Melbourne Anglicans to be a prophetic voice to the nation, seeking restitution.

Dr. Adam’s lecture was widely reported on in the blogosphere, Chris and Matt provided some great reflections. Over the next few months I hope to come back to Dr. Adam’s challenge to the Church to be a prophetic voice to the world on the matter of reconciliation.


3 Responses to “Peter Adam: why sorry isn’t good enough”

  1. Hey Steve,

    What a hugely important topic!

    Raimond Gaita did some excellent work on this topic — some of which he put out (in the Quarterly Essay, I think) around the time when people were debating whether we should offer an apology to indigenous Australians. Definitely worth a look.

    You should also really make sure you chat to Dan Anderson before he splits from College. He had been thinking about doing his project on reconciliation this year (before space and theological method took over) — and had some very fascinating stuff to say about reconciliation founding the moral order in God’s universe!

    He offered some very stimulating reflections HERE and HERE after Peter Adam’s lecture last year — as well as putting together a longer meditation in the first issue of The Catechist (I think the website is still down, unfortunately).

  2. […] out this organisation, Anglicans for Restitution. The organisation was launched in the wake of Peter Adam’s 2009 lecture. At the moment it is a purely Melbourne based initiative, do you think something like […]

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