Are you a young punk? Do you like young punks?

If you’re a young punk and want some help in following Jesus, or if you’re involved in youth ministry then check out these links:

The Nugget…

The Nugget is a new(ish) podcast that a good mate of mine is doing, Adrian Foxcroft (hereafter referred to as ‘The Fox’). Each episode goes for around 5 minutes and in it The Fox makes reading the Bible easy and accessible by giving you a passage and a couple of questions to think through! Pure gold! Its a great way of dipping into the Bible — The Fox has just finished going through Luke’s Gospel.

A Light On A Hill…

The next site I want to share with you is another new(ish) venture that another good mate of mine has begun. A Light On A Hill is Ryan Smarrt’s blog and its a fantastic resource for anyone who is in youth ministry in any form! You might remember Ryan from an earlier podcast where he chatted to Mark and I about his work as head of Christian Studies at Scots College. Ryan’s a super sharp guy with stacks of interesting insights into how to go about working with young punks. Check out his blog regularly!


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