Have you made the cut?

I’m a total hack when it comes to anything to do with websites. This even includes not being able to navigate myself around the dummy-safe wordpress blog templates. You might have noticed some misplaced photos in previous posts, links that dont work properly, and in particular, the feeble blogroll down the bottom right hand side of the page.

I think this picture has a lot to say about blogging

I’m really sorry I haven’t updated the blogroll in ages! The truth is I forgot how to do it! But, I’ve repented and put in some hard yards learning how to plumb the depths of the old wordpress template…well that’s a lie, i’ve just learnt how to add others to the blogroll.

Have a scan, let me know if you reckon there are others worth putting on there. I havent tried to put every single blog I know on the list, mostly the ones I look at from time to time, and mostly ones that update pretty frequently.

Sorry if you are a blogger and haven’t made the cut! Let me know what your blog is…


4 Responses to “Have you made the cut?”

  1. Phew, I thought this was going to be a post about circumcision…

  2. stephengardner Says:

    ha ha ha… I’m laughing my head off mate!
    Good to see you the other day too, looking forward to catching up when Claire and I get back

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