When I grow up I want to work at Google

Today I had the great privilege of having lunch with Dave Symonds, an old friend who now works at Google as a software engineer. Basically, when I grow up and finish school I want to work there. It is the most seriously decked out work environment I have ever seen.

From their funky reception desk, with themed wall and swinging tyres hanging from the ceiling; to their staff hang out areas complete with pool tables, table tennis tables, wii’s, playstations, food, food and more food.

There are something like 5 full time chefs who provide breakfast, lunch and dinner for the staff. Google obviously prides itself on providing their people with whatever they need to make them feel valued.

Its a truly awesome place. I liken it to walking into Willy Wonker’s chocolate  factory!

A massive shout-out to Dave for showing me around! If you listen to the podcast stay tuned for a future episode with Dave. It should be fascinating, he is involved in some pretty cool things.


4 Responses to “When I grow up I want to work at Google”

  1. Yeah Soph’s been there a few times for her old work. They make the place so nice that you feel ok about devoting all your time to them. With all the cash MTC has to splash about at the moment, maybe they could install a google-esque environment for us? 🙂

    • stephengardner Says:

      Yeah, that’d be great! Wouldn’t have any problems getting enrolements back up

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  2. looking forward to hearing the podcast.

    what do you think church staff office/environments could learn from this?
    often church staff work in a sterile environment. yeah i know that the gospel and Christ’s love is the thing that compels us… but???

    • stephengardner Says:

      Great question. I reckon there is a lot to learn from Google. Obviously much of the way they go about staff development is costly and not practical for most, if not all, churches. But I think it’s possible to make people feel valuable without hanging tyres from the roof. Behind all the fun stuff happening at Google are some things they’ve decided to value. They want a comfortable work environment that will encourage productivity and loyalty to the organisation. And from chatting to my mate, it seems as though they’re doing a good job of that. People tend to stay within the company longer than they would elsewhere. A large part of their work environment seems to be about creating variety. So there are different themed meeting rooms that are intended to inspire people.

      If churches have staff teams I think it’s really important to provide a variety of different contexts for that team to gather in. So, having monthly/quaterly offsite meetings could be a way cheaper alternative to having an underwater themed meeting room (like Google!); valuing staff team relationships, so, providing opportunities for that to happen outside of the meeting rooms could be another. From having worked in staff teams at church, yourself Dave, what do you reckon?

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