The overthrow of death

On Monday I was at the funeral of a dear old family friend. It was sad, funerals always are. And it was particularly sad watching the husband, in his 90’s struggling to say goodbye to his wife.

But there was also something incredibly different about this funeral. There was real and substantial hope. Hope of real bodily life again. So, I wanted to share some more mp3 love.

In 2006 N.T. Wright gave two lectures at Moore Theological College, today I want to share his talk on resurrection (ignore the title of the talk, it has been mislabeled ‘the doctrine of the church2’). It is excellent. In it, Wright argues that Christian’s have all too often misunderstood resurrection, using it to speak about life after death. Resurrection, he says, is not the re-description of death, it is the overthrow of death.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the lecture once you’ve listened to it…


One Response to “The overthrow of death”

  1. thanks for sharing.
    really enjoyed it.
    looking forward to reading the book!!

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