Pilgrim’s Podcast Episode 12

pplogo2-150x150This week we interviewd Bishop Glenn Davies, grab it here. It was a really helpful and interesting chat. We talked about Glenn’s theological education at Westminster in the Sates, his role as Bishop of the Northern Region of the Sydney Diocese and heard a little about Glenn’s ideas on Baptism and covenental theology. Great stuff! We did not have the time to do justice to the issues we raised so we are hoping to do a part 2 some time down the track.

Have a listen, its not too often a Bishop enters the hallowed MTC media room…next week we’re interviewing the Queen.


2 Responses to “Pilgrim’s Podcast Episode 12”

  1. Flippin’ yeah. I mean, we’ve been praying for her as good Anglicans for many years – it’s about time she came down to the Pilgrim’s Podcast lab!

  2. stephengardner Says:

    Couldn’t agree more!

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