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G’day there,

Again, I feel the need to confess my sins of ommission on the blogging front! Claire and I have been away up the coast, which was a grand time. And, today we head off for Crusaders Study Camp (more on this later), which, sadly, means no blogging. In the meantime, however, I have some exciting news. Nick Russell, a good mate of mine, is going to contribute on All Things New with a fantastic series; Hating the Other: a comparison between Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein and Miroslav Volf’s Exclusion and Embrace.


I cannot commend this series enough. Both books are of immense value for what they say about the human condition, Frankenstein is just one of those classic novels that really needs to be read by all, and Exclusion and Embrace has some profound things to say about forgiveness and reconciliation. Here is a little blurb from Nick about the series:

By chance I began reading these two books side-by-side and the similarities between them were enormous. Both deal with deep problems of hatred and exlusion contained in human nature from which arises many of the psychological, political, and social evils of our world. While Frankenstein is a Gothic Fiction losely following nineteenth century Romanticism, Exclusion and Embrace is a very modern theology of social and political morality. The former is a tragedy and thus emphasises the problem of our condition while the latter offers true hope for this condition in the cross of the Lord Jesus Christ. I’m looking forward to really exploring these two great works, written by two great minds and i hope to draw out some of their common ideas, conflicting thoughts and my hope is that with Shelley’s artistic genious and Volf’s contemporary engagement and theological insight we will be provoked to think about ‘the other’ in light of the cross of our Saviour.

I’m looking forward to hearing more from Nick, it should be great reading and incredibly rewarding stuff.

I’ll be back from study camp in a week hoping to repent of my lack of blogging.


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