coming up @ All Things New

Gday all,

Just a quick note about the what’s in store for the next few days.

The Pilgrim’s Podcast will be doing our first external feature on Monday. Mark and myself will be chatting to Christian Anderson about whats going on down at Newtown Mission.

King St Newtown

King St Newtown

You can now find  The Pilgrim’s Podcast on iTunes…spread the word

pplogo2-150x150I’ll be starting a series of reflections (funnily enough called All Things New) on Isaiah…

Scroll of Isaiah from Qumran

Scroll of Isaiah from Qumran

As well as some general ideas about Church and Worship…

In exciting news, Matthew Moffitt has won the first ever prize for being the 50th comment on All Things New. Stay tuned, there will be another prize for the 100th…

Thats all for now.




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