Blogging Etiquette

As a ‘long time listener first time caller’ when it comes to blogging I am interested in thinking through what makes for good blogging etiquette. Over at Hebel, Matt Moffitt has posted some wise thoughts on good blogging, here and more recently, here.


As a total hack at blogging I’d love to hear from you. What are your top 3 suggestions for a brand new blogger to help generate a healthy blogging culture?


19 Responses to “Blogging Etiquette”

  1. I’m not sure I have a top 3 but one thing I don’t like is links on facebook to new blog posts: blogs are blogs and fb is fb and never the twain should meet (or something like that).

    • stephengardner Says:

      Hey Fi,
      Thanks for the suggestion. Noted and appreciated…but not promising anything either;)

  2. I’ll have to disagree. It’s all about web presence.

    And Facebook and Twitter are really just micro-blogging.

  3. […] the style of this blog. In an act of shameless linking, I was prompted by Steve Gardner’s post (and equally young blog) to think of what makes a good blog/post. Again if you have ideas, comment […]

  4. Regularity is a good thing, keeps the user coming back for more if they can expect to see something new. As are questions to get the user to interact, something which you’ve clearly done already, they can contribute and potentially discuss things with other users and yourself.
    Final tip I would give is honesty, nothing like an author that is honest, cause you know, then they’re respectable and stuff….

  5. stephengardner Says:

    Matt-thanks for joining in. I hope people wander over to Hebel and search for more of your gold.
    Chong- great suggestions, will keep them in mind. Nice blog too btw

  6. I’m a fan of short posts. If I’m going to spend a long time reading something, I will want it to be of publishable quality. Or at least I’m going to have to be pre-convinced that this blog post is going to be worth taking ten minutes out of my day.

    Put it this way, if someone was said they were going to read my blog for 20 minutes, I’d encourage them to pick up a good book instead.

    The other thing i think is to visit other people’s blogs and comment there. Take the time out to read their blog, and they might do likewise for you. Develop a web presence, as Matthew said.

    • Stephengardner Says:

      Thanks mate. Totally agree re short posts. Matt from Hebel aims for 200 words max. I’m hoping to stick to that. Thanks for your brief reply;)

  7. Greg Londish Says:

    Hey Steve, I’m going to take another point of view here. If something’s worth saying then it’s worth taking the time to say it well (thank you JRR Tolkien!)

    That’s not to say that verbosity is a good thing, rather the opposite. But I’d take as many words as I need to build an argument, rather than artificially limiting myself to such a low limit as 200 words.

    Personally, I think a good blog has a balance between short pithy posts (throwing out a question or linking to a resource) and longer, more thoughtful posts that take the time to support the opinions expressed therein.

    • stephengardner Says:

      Hey Greg,
      Thanks for the comments. I whole heartedly agree with your blogging philosophy (thoughtfulness, well argued–check out Greg’s blog for his goals for the blog they’re great). There are way too many blogs kicking around that don’t do justice to complicated issues and/or don’t do discussions very well. BUT, there are also just heaps of blogs out there and most people I’ve spoken to, who like reading blogs, go for smaller posts. That’s not to say you can’t put good arguments out there you just need to think outside the box. E.g. Dividing your argument into a series (stay tuned at this point for my first series starting next week). Series have the added bonus of not ‘showing all your cards at once’, so that readers have something to come back for…
      Any other thoughts?

      • Greg Londish Says:

        Yeah I agree Steve, I think series are an optimal way to go. You get to build up your argument over bite sized pieces, and as you say, you don’t reveal the whole thing at once.

        Also thanks for the compliment 🙂

  8. I’d agree that a series is the way to go – and blogs are more than ideal to do that.

    My suggested word limit was 200-350 (which I’ve breached on than one occasion). But having such a limit keeps your argument succinct. Rambling is always a danger for bloggers because we can esialy get away with it…

  9. Over on they limit the ‘insight’ section to 350 words.

  10. My Top 3 are
    Reply to comments….you hve done this and I always forget

    Regular content…hmm…havent posted for more than a week

    Remember Google alert. Everybody knows if you write something nasty

  11. stephengardner Says:

    Thanks Mike… And for the record, thanks Mike and Chong for being the only two, so far, to follow the instructions (top 3 tips)! Perhaps I’d include careful reading as one of my tips;)
    Seriously, thank you all for your comments, I have found them super helpful.

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