The Pilgrim’s Podcast


G’day all. You’ve probably heard through the grapevine that a new and exciting podcast has been launched. I can confirm this is true! Mark Earngey and myself have recorded and launched the first episode of ‘The Pilgrim’s Podcast’ which you can download now from the podcast page.

Mark is a very good mate of mine, a genuinely good guy and a willing and able partner in crime. You can check out his blog here.

Our plan is to record an episode each week exploring and rambling through ideas about life, Church, God and the World. Each week we’ll be putting a spotlight on someone or something interesting. Every second week we’ll be having a chat with a fellow student from Moore to hear about their life, their passions and their Church experience.

Every other week we’ll be going outside of Moore, to see what’s going on in a whole bunch of random areas; from Christian artists to exploring the value of Christian psychology, to chatting with people organising new and exciting ministries.

Stay tuned, and relax, future episodes will be much, much shorter.




4 Responses to “The Pilgrim’s Podcast”

  1. eattheplate Says:

    Hey Steve, nice blog! Looking forward to new stuff.

    I tried to listen to Pilgrims Poddy through your site but the link failed. So i’m listening to it through Earngey’s.

    Sounds sweet.


    • stephengardner Says:

      Thanks for dropping by, and thanks for the heads up about the links. I have fixed them up now. If anyone else has any probs getting the podcast happening let me know.

  2. steveboxwell Says:

    Hey Steve

    Just listened to the Pilgrims Podcast. Fabulous way to spend my day off! Looking forward to future episodes.

  3. Stephengardner Says:

    Thanks mate… It was a bit of fun…Hoping future eps will be much shorter and maybe even helpful. Have a top weekend.

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